Medical Symptoms

Welcome to medical symptoms site.

This website is an attempt to provide medical symptoms for various diseases and conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, flu, HIV, heart attack, herpes, depression, allergies as well as many other medical problems and diseases.

The list of symptoms given on this website are the generic ones. If you see some specific symptoms, that does not mean that you have that disease or problem. It just means that there is a possibility of the disease. You shoulg get your medical symptom diagnosed.

Medical symptoms for each diseases and medical problems

We have one section for medical symptoms for each disease or medical problem. To know more about any symptoms, just click on the disease name on the left hand side menu.

What are medical symptoms or signs?

Medical Symptom : It is a process which is experienced by everyone. Vomiting, anxiety, fatigue and lower back pain are some of the symptoms. Symptoms are the sensations which are understood only by the patient.

For example : 'Abdominal pain' is one of the symptoms.

Medical Sign : Opposite with the symptoms, sign is an objective evidence of the disease. It is seen by the nurse, patient, observers and doctor too.

For example : A 'bloody nose' is a sign.

A sign may be identified by a person other than the one who is affected. Sign of the disease is gross blood in the stool. Signs can be recognized by the doctor, patient, nurse or even others but symptoms can be understood only by the patient.

Severe Medical Symptoms :

Some of the symptoms are warning that patient should take immediate care.

As like red light gives warnings on dashboard, the human body sends some flame when something wrong Shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness are the common medical symptoms.

Following are important medical symptoms :